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Communications Jobs

RF Systems Engineer

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Will be responsible for cellular systems design, architecture definition, and integration of new cellular radio front end module (PA/Front End/PMU/Transceiver) architectures implemented in RF integrated circuits and modules. Candidates should have experience defining product requirements, working with design engineering to identify architectural alternatives, performing trade-off analysis, and allocating system requirements to block level.

Required Skills

BSEE is required, MSEE preferred, plus a minimum of 5 years systems development work experience that includes transceivers, PAs, front ends and some of the following: PMUs, WCDMA, CDMA, GSM/GPRS, or EDGE.

ASIC Design Engineer

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Will be responsible for the logic design and subsystem development of digital communications circuits for highly integrated wireless chipsets. Design duties include DSP datapaths, control logic, RTL coding, HDL/gate-level verification, synthesis, timing, and signal integrity analysis.

Required Skills

BSEE is required, MSEE preferred, with applicable digital IC design experience utilizing state-of-the-art IC design tools. Knowledge of digital cellular standards is highly desirable.

Systems Engineer/Architect

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Primary Responsibility: Performs requirements analysis and system design for wireless system-on-a-chip solutions. Essential Functions: - Research, analyze, and comprehend customer and product marketing design requirements - Perform system design, partitioning, and requirements allocation to RF, digital, and software subsystems - Create and maintain engineering requirements specification documents - Design and specify operational algorithms (quality of service, clock calibrations, etc.) - Provide technical support to sales and marketing

Required Skills

Education: BS in Engineering with an MS preferred Skills: Understanding of system-on-a-chip design (analog, RF, digital, and software), analysis and modeling skills, and strong communication (oral and written) skills.

Communication Systems Engineer

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You will be responsible for design, documentation, simulation, and verification of burst modem hardware for wireless systems-on-chip (SoC). Day to day activities will include designing and improving modem blocks, running simulations to predict performance, creating and maintaining bit exact models of hardware blocks, and working with digital ASIC engineers to vector match new implementations to the model. Additionally, you will be responsible for creating design verification test plans, measuring modem performance (simulation and in the lab), documenting the design, and supporting other engineering groups on any communications systems issues. Qualified candidates must have BSEE. MSEE is preferred, with a solid understanding of communications theory and digital implementation of burst modems. Knowledge of standard lab equipment including Spectrum Analyzer, Vector Signal Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Pattern Generator, and a proficiency with 'C' programming language, and MATLAB are all necessities.

Senior Communications Systems Engineer

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We are seeking a senior communication systems engineer/team leader to work on the analysis and development of various wireless communication systems such as UWB, WLAN, WiMAX, etc.


* Research and design system architecture

* Simulate and evaluate performance of communication systems

* Patent generation

* Standards participation and contribution

* Prototype system development


* MSEE, Ph.D. preferred

* Strong theoretical background in communication theory

* Extensive experience and proven track record in communication systems research, design, and implementation

* Strong, proven team leadership skills

* Proficient in C/C++ and Matlab

* Direct experience with wireless product development

* Self starter, creative, team player

* Excellent written and oral communication skills

* Experience in embedded programming

* Experience in RTL coding and HW debugging

Software Engineer/

Senior Software Engineer

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BS in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering required

Experience in developing embedded C code on battery powered embedded communications chipsets/products (Mobile Phones etc). ARM processor experience a big plus.

Intimate knowledge of communications protocols essential. Bluetooth protocol and profiles knowledge a big plus

RFIC Design Engineer

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Primary Responsibility: Design RF integrated circuits for wireless system-on-a-chip solutions. Essential Functions: Lead the definition and design of RF circuits for wireless applications including UWB, RFID, Bluetooth and 802.11. Support the investigation and definition of transceiver architectures and appropriate specifications for IC building blocks. Research, design and implement innovative and advanced RF circuits. Assist in driving improvements to design and test methodologies. Mentor and train junior design engineers.

Required Skills

Education: MS in Electrical Engineering with a PhD preferred. Required Experience: Possesses experience in RFIC design for wireless communications, has introduced at least one product to market as a chip lead, is familiar with fundamental concepts involved in CMOS analog and CMOS RFIC design, has experience in design, layout and characterization of low-power RF blocks such as LNA, mixer, AGC, LO generation, synthesizer, power amplifier for 1 GHz, is familiar with Spectra RF, Cadence tools, physical layout and floor planning, is a team player with positive attitude and has mentoring skills and, can make clear and concise presentations of designs in critical design review sessions.

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